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I’m Crystal Salamon, 

Canadian best-selling author of adult colouring books.

My passion is to share creativity & wellness with the world.

Here at Art with Crystal you’ll find:

    • free lessons,
    • contests,
    • printables, and
    • unique products for all ages.

You’ll even help me create them… and join me on this artist journey! 

How did Art With Crystal begin? Watch this video:

Get to know Crystal…

I’m very passionate about two things: art and helping people.

When my first book, Awakening, became a Canadian best-seller and an awesome community grew around it, I experienced how my passion for art and love for people could help make a difference in the world.

I also LOVE to share happiness!

I use my passion for art to make people smile and feel special. What could be better than that?!

Yes. I’ve always loved art. Every year while growing up my mom would ask me, “what do you want to be when you grow up?” and I would say artist…. plus a ‘real’ job. I was actually studying at university to be a doctor until I finally took the leap to follow my passion and pursue art.

The world around me!

I watch for patterns on clothes, carpets, leaves, rocks… everything and everywhere. 

For inspiration I’ll look at other artists’ work and wander through books and Google. My online community is always full of suggestions, too!

I also love to doodle, colour and play drawing games to wake up my creativity.

I live in Turner Valley, Alberta, Canada – just outside Calgary. It’s in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains and right next to Kananaskis Provincial Park.

I grew up in another small town – Hay River, Northwest Territories. It’s in Canada’s far north!

Yes and yes!

I married my best friend! He’s always up for an adventure and is constantly building things. He’s a bit of a “mad-scientist”.

We have two incredible boys.

Ooo – fun! Hmm…

  1. I’m a licensed paraglider pilot, rock climber and ride motorcycles.
  2. We have backyard chickens. Fresh eggs – yum!
  3. I LOVE chips… way too much.
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My Story

Born to make art.

When I was a little girl I LOVED to draw and make crafts – anything creative. I longed to be an artist but knew I had to choose a “responsible” career path instead. Doctor was a natural choice for me – I loved to help people, after all. 

My awakening.

While preparing to write the medical school entrance exam I experienced an awakening… a life-changing moment where I realized that art was inside me and I couldn’t ignore it any longer.

Finding myself.

I took a year off, saved up and traveled Europe for 5.5 months – just me and my backpack. The journey showed me just how powerfully I felt that I HAD to pursue my passion. Despite completing Pre-Medicine, I switched universities and changed my degree to Art and Design.

Finding my calling.

I completed my degree and entered the career world. One day, I heard about a strange trend in Europe called “adult colouring”… then everything clicked. My style, my passion for drawing, my love for inspiring others… it was a natural fit.

Taking flight.

In 2015 I poured my heart and soul onto paper and created my own colouring book for grown-ups. Thanks to amazing online supporters around the world and incredible media attention, my book was an enormous success. Over 5,000 copies sold in the first 3 months, making it a Canadian best-seller and launching a very unexpected career. 

Embracing my life’s mission.

Through my books, colouring walls, a keynote speech, a mini-documentary with Alberta Primetime, a feature on CBC’s Still Standing show, being Grande Marshall of a parade, and multiple public speaking opportunities… I’ve discovered that this is much bigger than me and my art. This journey allows me to inspire people all around the world to be creative and even to follow their dreams. 

Now, years later, I have worked with some of Canada’s most iconic brands, created dozens of new products, and reached hundreds of thousands of people.

I have also expanded to offer publishing services to help others bring their own colouring books to life.

Most precious to me is working with children to inspire and develop their creative confidence through in-class workshops and art camps. 

A thankful heart.

I’m incredibly grateful for this creative journey. I’m even more grateful for the wonderful community which joins me along the way. Together, we inspire creativity, wellness and dream-following around the world.  

From the bottom of my heart, thank you.


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