Adventures in Puzzle and Game Design. Part 3

After months of keeping it top secret, I can FINALLY share updates on a big, exciting project I’m working on! Did you miss the announcement and updates? Find them here to catch up on the adventure!

Wow – thank you!

Thank you so much to everyone who offered to share feedback on the packaging designs for the puzzles and the card set! I so appreciate your insights through the survey. They were incredibly helpful.

As an artist, when you are too close to something (and spend a zillion hours working on it), being objective can be very hard. Plus, I’m designing it with a team – there are 4 of us. When we’re stuck on something it really helps to make our decisions a million times easier when we can turn to your feedback for guidance. You truly help make the final decisions! Plus, most importantly, we’re designing it  for you so you should have input!

What’s happening now?

We’ve gone through your feedback and are making the final changes. Then we need to finalize the design for the mindfulness practice activity cards, which will go in with each puzzle.

Then… there’s just one last package to create! It will be for a set of giant affirmation cards. What’s that? Each card has an inspiring saying on it to repeat to yourself. They’ll remind you of your awesome traits and help empower you, improve your self-awareness, confidence and reduce anxiety. It’s designed for kids but I truly think we could all use some kind affirmations these days. 

I can’t wait to show you the designs for this one!

The affirmation cards designs were really outside-the-box for me. They’re sweet cartoon animals paired with each affirmation. I had so much fun coming up with their little characters and personalities! It’s pretty different from what you’ve seen me draw so far. You might be surprised.

Would you like a sneak peek at the cards?


You can if you’re able to offer feedback for their packaging!

I’d LOVE to hear your insights and thoughts! It will probably be another couple of weeks (possibly longer) until it’s ready for your feedback. It will be a short online quiz and you’ll get to see the secret designs. Please just send me an email to let me know. I’d love your help!


What will happen next?

I truly appreciate your support as these products come to life. I’ll keep you posted on the progress so you can join me on this adventure, too!  


I'd love to hear from you!