CHALLENGE: Surprise Colour Palette #2!

Let’s play with colour!

The last colour palette challenge was so much fun. Let’s do it again!

    • Do you ever find it hard to choose colours for your pages?
    • Are the colour options so overwhelming that you end up not choosing ANY?
    • Have you ever felt like colouring but couldn’t find inspiration or decide where to start? 

…then this challenge is for YOU!

I’ve created SIX different palettes (selections of colours). You can use only ONE.

Which one should you use?

I’ve randomly picked one just for you – the red number below! This number is randomly generated, so if you’re with a friend refresh your screen to get their number.

Are you ready?

Your random number is:

Now… match your number to the palette below to find your colours!

If you don’t have these exact colours, that’s okay. Just choose the closest colours you have.

How do you use a Colour Palette?

A colour palette is the selection of colours you use to create your work of art. Try to only use the colours in your palette.

Here’s an example of a page coloured by Elise Launhardt using a colouring palette. (This page is from my book, Ignite, If you’re looking for it). Find more examples in the gallery of our last colouring palette challenge

Which page should you use? 

I would LOVE for you to use one of mine so I can feature your work in my gallery! Use a page from my books or print one of my free ones. 

Don’t forget to send me photos when you’re done! I’d love to add them to the gallery so we can inspire each other.

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