CHALLENGE: Dots and Lines

Supplies You’ll Need:

Colouring Supplies 

You can use any type of supplies for this challenge.

However… this is a fun one to use markers with, since the dots and lines will be nice and bright. Plus, it’s a great way to experiment with using your markers and try a new technique for blending with them.¬†

Colouring Page 

I would LOVE for you to use one of mine so I can feature your work in my gallery! Use a page from my books or print one of my free ones. 

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Colouring with Dots and Lines

Have you ever tried colouring without actually “colouring”?

Wait – what?!!

When you think of colouring what do you imagine? You probably picture an entire space filled with colour. Perhaps you see a solid or even a blended combination of colours in that space.

Is that the only way to colour?


Let’s think outside the box! What does that mean? Well, it means that we try to think of new ways to do things.¬†¬†

How can we do that with colouring?

This challenge will help you play with new ways to colour.

For this colouring challenge we’ll use dots and lines to fill in the spaces on a colouring page. We can even layer different colours to create the look of blending.

There is no right or wrong way to do this.

It’s all about experimenting and playing with making different marks!¬†

The best way to get inspired is to scroll down to the gallery of examples. But… to get you started here’s a quick video showing you a cool way to use dots to blend with your markers.¬†

Can you still use solid colours in this challenge?

Sure! It can actually be fun to add dots on top of other solid colours. Use this challenge as an opportunity to play!

Here are fun examples of how you can use dots and lines in different ways:



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