How to Use Washable Colouring Walls

Trans Canada Trail Colouring Wall for Canada 150 Anniversary Celebration


Colouring is more fun… on a WALL!

Who are these GREAT for? 

1. Group events!

Make your event extra memorable with a giant colouring wall! Draw lots of attention and engagement from all ages, then make fun social media posts to share the fun with the world!

2. Small children, Seniors and Visually/Physically Impaired

Big spaces and thick lines make them fun and easy to see and colour! If they scribble… no problem. Just wash it off with water! PRO TIP: This is especially handy when you’re in a hotel or someone else’s home. No mess!

GALLERY of Custom Walls:


What do you colour them with? 

To make them washable, use the special Crayola Ultra-Washable Crayons included with your wall! Digitally printed on durable vinyl, your wall can be wiped clean and used again and again for years to come. 

For the absolute brightest colours, use permanent markers such as Sharpies! BEWARE: They’ll look great but will NOT wash off.

How can you wash them?

All you need is water! When you use the special washable crayons (included), a damp cloth will wipe them off. Easy peasy.

NOTE on STAINING: If you don’t wash your wall for an extended period, the crayon may stain the vinyl. The light staining is still fine – it can be coloured on top of again and again!

To remove staining, try rubbing it with a household cooking oil then wipe it off. This should remove most, if not all, staining! Then, wipe your wall with dish soap to remove the oil before you colour it again.  

Did you discover a new way to clean your wall? I’d love to hear! Please send me a message

How can you store them?

Easily roll them and store them in the tube they come in. 

How BIG are they?

Typically ranging in sizes from 1.7 x 3 feet to 4 x 6 feet, You can hang it on your wall or lay it on a table or the floor. It’s a ton of fun for everyone! Additional sizes are available – just let me know what you’re thinking!

A small 1.7 x 3 foot washable colouring wall seek & find game. A great travel activity!

How can you hang them?

On a wall:

The 4 x 6 foot walls come with 2 grommets – one in each corner. These reinforced holes can be hooked on to thumbtacks, nails or, (my favourite), removable stick-on 3M hooks! I like to use the additional sticky strips which come with the hooks to stick the bottom corners to the wall, too.

For smaller colouring walls, add alligator clips to the top corners to easily hang them on 3M hooks or just poke thumbtacks into the corners.

On a free-standing wall:

Would you like your wall to be free-standing so it can be moved around? I love using a grid-wall, which can be found at retail display companies. I’ve also seen a mobile white-board used with big clamps to hold the wall on. 

A 4 x 6 foot colouring wall mounted to a free-standing grid wall. Sharpies were used for an exra bright, permanent pop of colour.


Which designs do they come in?

Contact me to chat about what you’d like! I do have a few pre-made designs, especially around the holidays. 

Can you order a custom wall? 

Absolutely! A design made specifically for you ensures your event or campaign will be memorable for ALL ages. They’re also a fun way to encourage social media posts, make your marketing interactive, or create a unique family or business tradition. 

How much do custom walls cost?

Prices vary with sizes and how intricate and customized your design is. 

A fully custom original design (4′ x 6′) typically varies from $1,200 to $1,700. It includes the design work, one printed vinyl wall and behind-the-scenes social media posts during its creation. 

How can you order a wall?

I’d love to chat about your ideal wall. Please contact me for more info.

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