Easter Egg Hunt Game – FREE Printables

sample photo of free colouring page easter egg hunt game to print colour cut then hide and find

Make Your Own Easter Egg Hunt Game!

Colour your eggs and cut them out. You can even draw your own decorations – just use the blank egg page!

How to play…

Add a piece of tape to each egg, then hide them around the house. Help your family members hunt! Are they getting closer to an egg? Tell them they’re getting “hotter”. Farther away? Tell them “colder”.

How to play over video chat!

Call your grandma, grandpa or your friends with a video chat and have them search for your eggs! They can tell you where to go and you point the camera where they want you to so they can search. Remember to give them hints – “hotter” when they’re getting close, “colder” when they’re getting farther from your hidden eggs.

Show me your art

I always LOVE to see you enjoying my art and how you’ve added to it! Email your photos to me crystal@artwithcrystal.com or post on my Facebook page, “Art With Crystal – Crystal Salamon”.

How to Print…

Click the DOWNLOAD link below to view the printable page. It usually works best to:

  1. save the image to your computer (right click or ctrl click to find the save option),
  2. then print from the saved file.

Feel free to email me if you have trouble. Enjoy!

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