CHALLENGE: Favourite Colours ONLY!

Supplies You’ll Need:

    • Every version you have of your favourite colour! You can use any type of colouring tool – markers, pencils, crayons… use ALL of them if you’d like!
    • Colouring page of your choice

Which page should you colour?

I would LOVE for you to use one of mine so I can feature your work in my gallery! 

You’re welcome to use any of my free colouring pages or you can purchase other fun goodies (books, posters, cards, printables) in my online shop.

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It’s trickier than it sounds!

Are you ready for a new colouring challenge? Yes, this one is tricky, but fun!

What is your favourite colour? That’s all you get to colour with!

That’s right – you’ll be colouring with your favourite colour… and ONLY your favourite colour. (Mine is purple, btw. And rainbow… but that would be cheating for this one, haha!)


How can you colour with only one colour?

Great question!

You can actually use all of the versions you have of that colour. You can also use white, (e.g. use a white pencil or leave white space) and black if you’d like.



  • try using different colouring mediums (supplies), like pencils, markers, crayons – all the different versions you have of your colour!
  • try using the blending techniques from our last challenge (one colour pencil blending). Then one pencil can create many different versions of its colour!
  • try using dots, lines and other designs to shake things up. This is especially helpful if you only have markers. 
  • try colouring with a marker, then colour on top with a pencil to create a different version of your colour. Or layer different pencils on top of each other!



Here’s an example of many versions of the same colour being used on a page. Scroll down to the gallery to see more.


Have fun! Feel free to comment below with questions or your own tips, or jump into our Facebook group – we’re a friendly bunch.

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