Math-a-pillar Game – FREE Printable

A Fun Little Math Game!! 

Are you struggling through some math assignments? This math-a-pillar (math caterpillar) will help make your math more fun by turning it into a game! I made this for my own boys, since we’ve been doing homeschooling while schools are closed. We add our math assignments into this little guy to make it easier to get through them.


First, choose a page! Use the grade 1 or grade 2 version, or add your own equations to the blank one. 

Next, build a monster game piece or grab a game piece from a board game in your house. That will be your character. Now you’re ready to play!


Climb onto the caterpillar’s head (with your character!) to get started. Do the first equation. When it’s done, move your character (game piece) to that section of the math-a-pillar’s back. Now do the next equation! Each time you finish one, move your piece that section until you get all the way to the star!


Did you notice the sections with dance instructions on them? When you pass those dotted dance demands GET UP AND MOVE! Celebrate your math-awesomeness! 

Show me your art…

I love to see how you colour my designs! Post your photos of this page on Instagram using #artwithcrystal or on my Facebook page or email it to me at   


Click the DOWNLOAD link below to view the printable page (it’s a JPEG file). It usually works best to:

1.  save the image to your computer (right click or ctrl click to find the save option),

2. then print from the saved file.

Feel free to email me if you have trouble. Enjoy!

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