Paint Pens

Artistro Pain Pens

I recently purchased the Artistro ultra-fine 12 set of acrylic paint pens and BOY do I love them! They’re so easy to use, which is amazing, since paint pens can be tricky. Coverage is fabulous, too. They’re marketed as “rock painting markers” but can be used on pretty much anything.

These are filled with water-based acrylic paint, which makes them gentle on the the surface you’re painting. However, they’re not as tough as oil paint so you may need to protect your art with a clear coat when you’re done, especially if it will be outside in the elements.

I’m having a TON of fun with these! Even my 6 and 7 year olds are enjoying them. The metallics are drool-worthy. Needless to say, I’m ordering all the other colours and sizes now! I’m hooked.

NOTE: they do also have oil-based options, though I haven’t tried them yet. 

This is the set I have.
Here’s their full line on
Learn more about Artistro here

Sharpie Paint Pens

I pretty much love everything Sharpie, but their paint pens are particularly fun! 

I’ve only tried their oil-based versions, though they do also have water-based.

Oil paint, however, is trickier to use. There’s a learning curve. Oil paint becomes gummy as it dries, which means the tip can get gummed up and need cleaning. This can cause all kinds of challenges – I’ll make a tutorial video with tips for you soon. However, they work on pretty much anything and are deliciously rich (especially the metallics). 

Oil paint is more permanent and tougher than water based paint. However, the chemicals in them can be smellier while wet, they’re slower to dry and can affect the surface you paint on. I wouldn’t recommend using them on things like helmets. 

Find these markers here. I’ve also spotted more options at Staples, Michaels and one of my favourite Calgary stores, Swinton’s Art Supply.

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