CHALLENGE: Pencil Blending with Several Colours

Get ready… to play with blending colours together!

Do you drool over those fancy 3D-looking coloured pages with the mind-blowing blending? I do! It must be some kind of crazy magic, right? We couldn’t possibly EVER do that, right? Uh… WRONG. We’ll practice in this challenge!



Here are some inspiring examples of how it can look when you get the hang of blending different colours together! The more you experiment, the more you’ll get a feel for which colours work well together, too.

Scroll down to find even more examples in the gallery!

Don’t be intimidated! This takes practice so just enjoy yourself and play around with it for this challenge. 

Before you start…

Are you comfortable with blending using a single colour? It’s an important skill to have before you can start adding more colours!

If you’re not sure then try our last blending challenge first. You’ll practice using just one colour in each section to create a smooth transition from dark to light. This important skill can be used to create 3D effects and the illusion of light shining on an object.

The better you get at this, the more colours you can eventually add into a blend and the more realistic it will start to look. BUT… you must get good and using a single colour, first!

Ready? Let’s Get Started!

Watch the 2 minute demo video below. You’ll see my tips written in the subtitles while I colour.

If you can’t turn the sound on, don’t worry! There is only music playing, no words. You can put it on mute and read the subtitles. 

Supplies You’ll Need:

    • Blank paper
    • Colouring page of your choice
    • 3 coloured pencils or pencil crayons (any brand). Choose a light, mid-range and darker colour. What’s mid-range? It’s not really light and not really dark. Somewhere in between.

TIP: To make it easier, try to keep the 3 colours related to each other. For example:

      • yellow, lighter green and dark green.
      • or yellow, orange and red.
      • or very light blue, a blue which isn’t really light or dark (“mid-range”) and dark purple. 


Which page should you colour?

I would LOVE for you to use one of mine so I can feature your work in my gallery! 

You’re welcome to use any of my free colouring pages or you can purchase other fun goodies (books, posters, cards, printables) in my online shop.

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How to start blending with 3 colours:

Blending with 3 colours is a fun way to play! Start with the lightest colour to show the brightest spot on the surface (the “highlight”), then add the darkest colour around the edges. Use thin, light layers of colour. 

Gradually add light layers, building up the colours to make them richer. Try to have a light touch! Press lightly. Be patient and allow the colour to build up. If you press hard it will get slippery and be difficult to add more layers and smoothly blend. 

Add your middle colour (e.g. orange). Lightly overlap the light and dark colours to blend them together. As you layer, the colours will start to blend together.

Try adding a bit more dark in the shadows, then go over the rest with the lightest colour. 


  • Ensure the edges are soft so you’ll have a smooth blend with the next colour. (see an example at 1:07 in the video).
  • Keep adding layers until you’re happy with the colour and the blend looks smooth.
  • Don’t be afraid to play!


Have fun! Feel free to comment below with questions or jump into our Facebook group – we’re a friendly bunch.

How do you blend? Do you have tips to share? I’d love to hear! Comment below.

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