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Today’s free daily printable is a pile of…

Use this handy stack of dice to make up your own games or to play games while you video chat with friends and family. 

A few days ago my boys were playing a twister game and wished their grandma could join in. Since she can’t come over, we need to get creative with how we visit together. So… I made this set of dice! Now grandma can roll the Twistys and tell us where to move while she watches us on video chat. She can even roll the number dice to play other board games with us. PLUS… we can make up our own games on the blank dice and tell HER what to do! Hmm… maybe grandma needs to do 4 sit-ups? 6 jumping jacks? Spin around 3 times?  The possibilities are endless.

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Why am I making these free printables?

The moment I heard schools were closing around the world I felt a strong longing to help our children. I immediately started creating a free printable project for every school day, with the hope of spreading happiness, calm and creativity during this difficult time. It’s turned out to be a LOT more work than I’d expected but… the special messages of thanks and the smiling photos you send remind me of a bigger purpose. I’m incredibly grateful that my art can help people smile and have moments of peace.

My wish is to help as many people as possible.

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