How to Colour Waterproof Stickers

These unique little guys are my hand drawn designs printed on high quality vinyl… and they’re AWESOME! I’m so excited. The quality gives me happy goosebumps!!!


What can you colour them with?

These stickers are waterproof so you’ll need permanent markers, like Sharpies or BIC Mark-Its.

Colouring Tips…

Waterproof surfaces can be tricky to colour on! Here’s a video with some handy tips to help and inspire you. Jump ahead to 1:43 for the colouring demos.

Will the ink fade or wash off?

If you colour it with markers (use permanent markers), those colours will fade over time but that adds to their unique colourful character. The lines won’t fade though, so you can always re-colour!

The rate of fading depends on which markers you use and how your sticker is used. If you wash them often or leave them in the sun they may fade faster. Dishwashers speed the fading, too, so I recommend hand washing.

Can you erase your mistakes and re-colour them?

Yep, sure! If you make a mistake or decide you’d like to a different mix of colours feel free to wipe your marker off with rubbing alcohol or wet the colour with a colourless blending marker and wipe them clean. Once dry, you can add a new life of colour to them!

Where can you put them? 

The sky’s the limit! They are waterproof, UV resistant vinyl – they’re tough so get creative! Peel off the back for a strong permanent adhesive and go play. Here are some ideas… notebooks, cars, water bottles, sticker books, laptops, binders, windows, pencil holders… where will you put yours? Scroll down to see a gallery of photos!

Where are you putting YOUR stickers? 

I’d love to see! Send me a photo of your stickers in action for the chance to be featured on my website! Tag #artwithcrystal on Facebook or Instagram or email

Gallery – YOUR stickers!


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