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Hungry Monster – FREE Printable

This monster is HUNGRY!  What’s it eating? Draw it in the mouth, then fold along [...]

Beginnings – FREE Printable

What do new beginnings bring?   New growth, new possibilities and new beauty come from new [...]

Dot-to-Dot Turtle – FREE Printable

Draw and colour your own turtle!  Follow the numbers from 1 to 90 to connect [...]

Build-a-Monster – FREE Printable

Build your own monster!  Colour, cut and attach the arms and legs wherever you want…it’s [...]

A-Mazing Kitty – FREE Printable

Here kitty kitty!  This is a triple-layer project… it’s a maze, colouring page AND a [...]

Bird Ornament – FREE Printable

Make a special ornament!  This sweet little birdy is a gift tag… which can be [...]

Hug Monster – FREE Printable

Everyone Needs a Hug Monster!  Gently squeeze your hugs and love into this hug monster, [...]

Mom and Mum Cards – FREE Printable

Cards for Mom and Mum!  Do you know any moms or mums who could use [...]