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Sending You Love – FREE Printable

I’m Sending YOU Love Through Art!  Why? Because you’re pretty gosh darned special and deserve [...]

Tree of Life – FREE Printable

Tree of Life.  What does this design mean to you? What does it make you [...]

Live Laugh Love – FREE Printable

Live, Laugh and Love! Art is powerful! Add your colour to this inspirational page then [...]

Magical Mandala – FREE Printable

Magical Mandala The repeating patterns of a mandala can be so calming. They’re a wonderful [...]

Growing Love – FREE Printable

Growing Love.  What are you grateful for? What or who do you love? Think of [...]

Beginnings – FREE Printable

What do new beginnings bring?   New growth, new possibilities and new beauty come from new [...]

Hug Monster – FREE Printable

Everyone Needs a Hug Monster!  Gently squeeze your hugs and love into this hug monster, [...]

I Am Thankful – FREE Printable

What are you thankful for? There are so many things to be thankful for! Family, [...]