Toss and Move Game – FREE Printable

Get creative, then get MOVING!

Challenge your throwing skills, coordination and speed! 

Colour around each circle with a different colour, then carefully cut out the centre circles. Grab the scrap papers from each circle and crumple them into 5 little balls. Now have a brave friend hold up your page of targets for you. Pick a coloured circle, aim and THROW!


Set a timer for 2 minutes and throw your paper balls. Did you throw through a circle? Do the activity to collect your points! How many points can you score in 2 minutes? Can you beat your highest score? Can your friend?!

Share your work

I would love to see your finished art and action shots! Send your photos to, post to Facebook and/or use #artwithcrystal on instagram.

To print yours…

Click the link below to find the colouring page. 

It usually works best to save the image to your computer (right click or ctrl click to find the save option), then print from the saved file. Feel free to email me if you have trouble. Enjoy!

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